Thank you for a wonderful winter. Royal Gorge is now closed for the season.
Everyone starts as a beginner.
First-Time Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

For first-timers and those with limited experience, Royal Gorge is the perfect place to learn to cross-country ski, skate ski or snowshoe or to improve your skills. Our friendly, experienced instructors and miles of beginner terrain will give you the ideal training ground to build and refine your skills.

Take a group or private lesson, then tour Royal Gorge’s extensive beginner trail network on your own until your heart’s content. Trail options offer just the right amount of challenge to keep you interested without pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Royal Gorge offers:

  • 27 beginner trails with stunning views of the Northern Sierra and Van Norden Meadow
  • State-of-the-art equipment rentals
    • Rent one type of equipment package (skate, classic or snowshoe) and trade it in same day for a different type
  • Daily group lessons with experienced instructors
Trail network at North America's Largest Cross Country Resort

Cross country trail access for Royal Gorge Resort
Trail Passes
Trail Passes
You will need a trail pass to enjoy Royal Gorge. We offer packages which include rentals and also lessons if needed. If you have the gear and just want to hit the trails stop by and purchase a pass for the day.
All Day Trail Pass
Children (0-12), Super Senior (75+) $10
Adult (23 - 64)
Young Adult (13-22), Senior (65-75)
Dog Pass

*Additional rates apply during holiday periods:
12/23/2023 - 1/7/2024, 1/13-15/2024, 2/17-19/2024

Royal Gorge Cross Country Equipment Rentals
A full fleet of ski and snowshoe rentals are available at the Summit Station Lodge, ready for you to hit the trails.
All Day Skate Ski Rental Package
Other rentals and packages available.
Nordic cross country Skate skiing at Royal Gorge
About Skate Skiing
About Skate Skiing
Skate skiing, also known as “skating,” is a newer method of cross-country skiing. When using skating technique, the skier pushes laterally, “skating” from ski to ski to move forward.
Classic cross country nordic skiing at Royal Gorge.
About Classic Striding
About Classic Striding
Also known as “striding,” the traditional style of cross-country skiing is referred to as “classic.” When using classic technique, the arms and legs and skis move straight in the direction of travel.
Snowshoeing at Royal Gorge
About Snowshoeing
About Snowshoeing
Snowshoes work by providing a large surface area underfoot, allow users to "float" atop the snow. Snowshoes can connect via straps, to most waterproof winter boots making it very easy to get started. Little to no experience is needed to begin snowshoeing.
Skate ski lessons at Royal Gorge Cross country Resort.
Let one of Royal Gorge's top instructors get you started on the right now. Lessons are a fun and helpful way to learn the techniques needed to learn cross country skiing.

This season, we are only offering private one-hour lessons due to Covid restrictions. Lessons must be booked online at least 2 days in advance of your arrival.

Private Lessons
Includes one hour lesson. Trail pass is not included.
All Ages